Gravel Road Bikes

Almost every bike rider, seems to own a carbon bike, this to me is odd, especially if you take into account the state of the roads in Kenya.

Having moved to Ngong a year ago, I have been shopping for a bike suitable for the gravel road here, being a long time roadie it is been almost taboo switching to riding a mountain bike or a cross bike. But with the emergence of the new gravel machines, I am tempted to try them out.

The gravel bike at first glance look like a road bike with fat tires, it has been designed with endurance, comfort and stability on rough roads in mind. The gravel machine has a High bottom bracket with a generous tire clearance and high head tube; disc brakes are a standard Feature.

These bikes can be ridden on both the paved road and off road, this gives greater freedom to those who want to extend their road adventure beyond  the end of the paved road with out the need of switching to a different bike.

FELT V55 The Felt V55 is the ideal combination of functionality and fun. Built on the foundation of the
Felt Adventure Road Disc FLite aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork, this bike features
hydraulic disc brakes for incredible stopping power and control. The proven Shimano
Ultegra drivetrain and strong Novatec wheels get you to your destination over any terrain

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